April 11, 2007
Thesis Presentation in Togo Salmon Hall, room 202

We will be presenting "High-top Chucks and Bubblegum" as our undergraduate thesis project. We will be discussing the purpose of the project as well as tackling questions regarding interactivity, art versus digital art, and usability design. The presentation begins at 3:00.

Print Versus Digital Video

click here to watch our video - print comics versus digital comics!

Official Website Launch

To coincide with our awesome thesis presentation we are officially launching "High-top Chucks and Bubblegum" on the web. I know, the excitement is too much to handle, I know, you can barely contain yourself. In anticipation of the launch we have created a myspace page.

April 09, 2007
Project Completed (yeeeeeeeah mothafucka!)

After months of toiling; blood, sweat, and tears spilled over how incredibly fucking tedious flash is...We have completed Volume 1 of "High-top Chucks and Bubblegum". This first edition of the comic is an introduction to everyone's (soon to be) new best friends Abbey, Bob, Felix, Jimmy and Zoe. Although this website is currently up and running, we will not be officially launching and introducing the project until after our thesis presentation. GET EXCITED!

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