Laura is a fourth year Fine Arts / Multimedia major at McMaster University. Obviously, she draws comics. Even more obvious, she fucking owns the medium. High-top Chucks and Bubblegum was hand drawn and written by Laura...Dana had no hand in either of those two tasks. How can you tell? a) Dana is not featured in the comic and b) you aren't looking at shitty stick figures.

According to a wise, wise man, Laura will wind up living on an anarchist sheep commune in Australia. If that doesn't pan out, she'll probably get her Masters at some American art school, leaving Dana to rott all alone in suburban hell. Until then, Laura has one more year at McMaster before graduation. Next year, her undergraduate art thesis will surround comic art. She'll probably get an A...worse comes to worse an A-.

Laura is really into punk music. Obviously. Dana isn't as well versed, but that's ok becauseshe's a techie and a techie is a punk's best friend.

Laura's nickname is Paul, because she's ridiculous.

You can check out Laura's shit at:

Dana Herlihey is a 4th year Multimedia/Cultural Studies major at McMaster University. Unlike Laura who’s doing the ol’ victory lap next year, Dana is on the ball and will be receiving her degree this spring.

Dana did the Flash work for High-top Chucks and Bubblegum. She’s basically Laura’s hero and kicks some serious Flash ass so you better recognize. Sometimes Dana sleeps in the lab because she is too hardcore for life. She is also very good at bossing Laura around and telling her to ‘listen you’ when she needs to be told. While Dana isn’t exactly a punk rocker she IS a huge music snob and is pretty much addicted to CBCRadio3. She also owns more sneakers (including the infamous Burger King shoes) than anyone else Laura knows. If you know a good place to get falafels in Hamilton you should let her know.

Dana’s nickname is Walter because wouldn’t she make a good looking boy named Walter?

Check out Dana's crap:

203Zebras would like to thank:
Everyone from room 203 (S.D, A.C, S.W, A.B. M.M & L.H)
To the kids who live it (N.P., J.W., N.R., K.E., E.G.)
10 Longwood (A.V, C.T, N.L, T.M)
And all the punk-rock motherfuckers and comic artists who inspired this project.

High-top Chucks and Bubblegum has been produced for our fourth year undergraduate thesis at McMaster University. We worked under the supervision of Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell, aka, the anarchist sheep farmer.

(c) 2007 / 203Zebras