The Digital Comic

High-top Chucks and Bubblegum is a digital comic book , which, unlike other digital comics is free of charge and successfuly embraces both traditional comic art and multiple (digital) media. High-top Chucks and Bubblegum is also totally interactive. Our handy star icons let you know where narrative text is located, so you can read the comic any way you want. Furthermore, there are several easter-eggs hidden through out the comic, from animations, to sounds, to games and activities - there's tonnes of stuff to discover.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you along the way:

Star Buttons
These icons let you know where narrative text is. They give you control over how you read the narrative and experience the comic. Handy little fuckers.

Next and Back Buttons
Located in the corners of all pages, these bring you through the narrative linearly. However, there is a navigation bar just bellow the comic book so you can, again, control how you read the story.

Print VS Digital

Check out our informational video and judge for yourself which you prefer: print comics or digital comics.

click here to launch the video.


Because High-top Chucks and Bubblegum is initially hand drawn, we said 'screw you' to standard 800x600 resolution guidelines and opted for a 1024x768 resolution. So, for best viewing, get off the geriatric resolution.


I don't know how many times I've gotta tell you, this shit is designed in flash. If you don't have it, you've been living under a rock. Go here to get it.


Due to extreme awesomeness, High-top Chucks and Bubblegum does require a somewhat faster internet connection. This is more of a kick in the pants to those of you with dial-up. We're sorry, but way cool interactive features require decent internet connection. (Consider yourself in the clear if you're on DSL and +).


(c) 2007 / 203Zebras